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2009 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Update

I know, I know!  I posted in rapid succession there for a little bit about the goings on of the Moms Panel, but there hasn’t been much to report lately!  I am flying down to Orlando, arriving at 12:39 on Friday, Dec. 5th.  We’re staying at the Coronado Springs Resort, and we have a pretty full itinerary – but it’s been very vague so far!  I’ve filled out all of the legal documents that were required, and now, we’re just waiting to go!

The 2009 Moms Panel has a Facebook site that we’ve been communicating through, and I have to say, these are an awesome bunch of people!  I love them all so far – and we’re all so different, except for our love of Disney!  It’s been great getting to know them, and when we arrive at WDW, I’m sure it will feel like a reunion of old friends.

So, I haven’t forgotten to fill you in – there just isn’t much to fill with!