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I think WE are up at the crack of dawn, but by the time we wake up, Russell is already dressed and getting something to eat. I get a quick shower, then wake Jim, who’s lazy ass is still in bed instead of trying to get things ready. He wakes Brighid, who throws her clothes on, and then she wakes the other two girls and we get them ready. Figuring they will fall back to sleep in the car, we don’t feed them, and we have to return the rental car to the airport before we can be on our way, so Jim and I head out to try and get the paperwork to return the car done before Russell can make it to the airport. On the way to the airport, Jim asks if I packed his razor, and I did not, so we have to stop at Walgreens to get a razor and shaving cream. That gives Russell the opportunity to pass us and he beats us to the airport. When we finally get there, of course Jim has a problem with the return, he ends up standing at the counter on the phone with a manager, until I come up behind him and tell him we HAVE TO LEAVE NOW. Russell has been waiting, and it’s time to get on the road.

We stop at a rest area on the turnpike and the kids grab breakfast. Eilis and Granuaile get french toast sticks and the rest of us grab something from Starbucks. That holds everyone until we get to another rest stop, where we all hit the bathroom before making the rest of the trip down to Miami. We are at the port around 11:30, which is just about when we can start checking in.

Up until now, Eilis and Granuaile do not know where we are going on this vacation. When we pull into the port, Eilis made the comment that she was going to be Sea Sick – not sea sick, but sick of the sea 🙁 That was disappointing. Granuaile wants to go home. Another disappointment. I am hoping that when we get onboard, and Eilis gets into the kids club, she’ll feel better about the vacation. Granuaile is just going to have to get over herself.