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Baby Sprinkle – I Demand One (or Two!)


Years ago, it was traditional when a woman was expecting her first baby, for her female friends and family to gather around, share food, share stories of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood, and shower her with gifts for the new baby.  Of course, back in the day, babies came with some fairly regular succession, so a year or two after the first one, a second one would arrive; and if the parents so decided, a year or two later, a third, and so on.  The expectation was that the first baby would hand down the things she outgrew to the second, and the second to the third.  Of course, mom and dad would add new things – especially if they went from a girl to a boy – but all the big ticket baby items would get handed down, reused, and then passed down to the next family member who needed them.

Having babies has changed dramatically over the years.  Women no longer come out of high school, get married, and start having babies.  Many women find college and careers before they choose to become moms, and in some cases, infertility causes much bigger space between babies than two, three, or even four years.  It has become increasingly popular to acknowledge the arrival of second or third babies with additional baby showers.  Maybe they are warranted in some cases – several years have passed between babies one and two, and the mom, no expecting to have additional children, has donated all of her baby’s belongings and is starting fresh.  But in true terms of etiquette, it is never really appropriate to have a full out shower for any but the first baby.

Now, it seems, the trend is changing again.  Perhaps women tired of hearing from their mothers and grandmothers how rude it is to hold showers for other than the first baby, have found a loop hole!  They are calling this loop hole a Baby Sprinkle.  That’s right – a Sprinkle!  Not a shower – because showers are for first babies.  But a sprinkle is sort of just a request for gifts, as in “We can’t invite you to a shower, because we already have three kids and it would be rude, so just come and give us smaller gifts for the new baby.”  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate.  The birth of a baby is a wonderful and miraculous thing, and every baby deserves to be celebrated.  But don’t beat people over the head and demand that they celebrate by inviting them to come and bring you gifts.  Invite them to a Christening or a bris or a baby naming.  That’s a celebration with some meaning, where they get to meet the new baby and share your joy, as opposed to an out and out solicitation for gifts.

But, I digress.  I am on my tangent this morning because a friend has been “invited” to contribute not only a gift, but a food item to a baby “shower”, which is actually a “sprinkle” because she already has an older baby!  And I admit, I just yesterday heard of a baby sprinkle that I approve of 100%.  A group of women is going into Super Suppers today, which is where I work, to assemble meals for an expectant mommy.  Hallelujah, Ladies!  There is nothing a new mom needs more than meals she (or her husband) can put on the table with no fuss, no muss, and I think a lot of new moms rely on the local pizza or Chinese delivery people way too often.  And you know what?  As a mom who has 10 years between baby 1 and baby 2, I can get behind a sprinkle for a mom in a situation similar to mine – even though apparently no one else could, because I wasn’t sprinkled.  But come on, girls.  It’s too much.  You send registries with bridal shower invitations and wedding invitations.  You register for honeymoons and baby showers.  Give people a break with the “sprinkle” invitations. 

Unless you wanna sprinkle my two….

2009 Walt Disney World Moms Panel – The Fun Continues!

Thank you first to my wonderful hubby for helping me figure out how to put my name on the back of the t-shirt on the mom in the photo 🙂 

The latest in the news as I continue forward in this exciting journey is that I got airline information!  I’ll be flying out on US Airways on Dec. 5th, coming home on the 8th.  We’re staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs resort – and I am thrilled!  We’ve stayed at many of the Disney properties, but have only visited the Coronado Springs.

I am actively participating on the 2009 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Facebook, and it’s been so much fun to meet the other “moms” (or the Mom-light version – Doug – LOL).  We seem like a diverse group from all over the country – and even a couple of international moms!

I have done my confidentiality paper work, and everyone on the panel is planning a little surprise for the executives in charge of the Moms panel training program that I think they’ll love.  It seems at times like there is a whirlwind of activity going on, and at the same time, I’m so anxious for the training to get here that it seems to be dragging!

This is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me, and I hope I am doing a good enough job at keeping up with the memories I want to save!

Disney Moms Panel Excitement Day 2



So, while there has been nothing official from Walt Disney World today, it has been exciting nonetheless!  I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” a good number of the other people on the panel, both through an email distribution list that has been started, and through a Facebook group.  They all seem like warm, wonderful people so far, and I’m excited to meet them in person and get to know them all!

I’ve also spent some time today reading some of the information about last year’s mom’s panel panelists, and I hope we can live up to the awesome job they’ve done in the panel’s inaugural year!  They’ve answered thousands of questions about vacationing at Disney World, and while it seems like a daunting responsibility, I know we’ll be well trained and ready to go when it’s time for them to pass the Magic Wand!

Binnie, the list mom for The Mouse For Less www.themouseforless.com was so sweet, and posted a congratulations message to me on the front page of the group’s website.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  I knew a lot about Disney World and vacationing in Orlando already, but I have learned SO much from Binnie and the other wonderful members of The Mouse for Less list.  It’s a wonderful group of people, and if there’s anything I will bring with me to the Mom’s panel, it will be the wealth of knowledge I have acquired reading years of posts with The Mouse for Less. 

Binnie has also asked me to write a little something for the Magically Speaking newsletter!  Me, write?  Oh, go on!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to reach so many people to share this experience with!

I’ve gotten so many congratulations emails, Facebook and MySpace messages – I can’t believe it!  I’m overwhelmed at how exciting it is to get so many wonderful notes and messages.  As much as I love everyone for sending them, I have to say, this is the best one…


Whew!  I’ve spent way too much time on the computer today, but I just am so thrilled to participate in this!  I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

I’m In! 2009 Disney Moms Panel, here I come!

I got an email yesterday from the powers that be at the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel selection committee (is that what they are called??).  We had expected to find out by the end of this week if we would be chosen for the panel, but this email asked us for a time and phone number where we could be reached today – Wednesday!!  This is two whole days before I expected to find anything out, so why am I suddenly so anxious, I can’t stand it??

I promptly sent back my phone numbers and availability, and tried to think of ways to fill my time.  My husband will be pleased to know that some of the activities keeping me busy were cleaning off the dresser and the night table in the bedroom.  It was hard to focus on things.  I replayed my interview over and over in my head.  I just knew I had blown it – especially with the comment that to make the vacation more economical, people could skip buying souvenirs (am I crazy???) and do some of the free things in the parks to make memories that they’ll have forever.  But I waited patiently (alright, not so patiently) to see what the phone call would bring.

I had just picked Eilis up at school, it was 3 o’clock on the nose, and I was on my way to get Brighid.  My cell phone rang.  Of course it rings now!  I’m driving, my ear piece won’t answer my phone – it will only let me call out on it – so I have to break the law by answering the phone while I’m driving.  And if I break the law and get caught, I’m sure that disqualifies me for the Mom’s Panel.  But if this is the Mom’s Panel calling, and I don’t answer, I might get disqualified anyway!  So I answer, bless myself (I’m still in the Church parking lot, afterall, that might help), and hear the sweet voices of Disney on the other end! 

I am on speaker phone, and I am told there are two other people there.  I immediately think, “Oh my Gosh, I made it!  They would never put me on speaker phone to tell me I lost and I have to cry like a baby in front of these women!  Disney could never be that sadistic!!”  And almost at the same time, I think, “Oh my Gosh, I didn’t make it, and Disney has put all three of these women on the phone to console me!”  What torture, up until the bitter end!

I finally get the news – “Congratulations!”  Oh my gosh, are you kidding me??  Are you serious?  I am so excited, I can barely stand it!  I’m sure they have given me some sort of information I should be remembering, but the only thing I really hear is not to post about this until after 6 o’clock, when they notify everyone of their decision.  I hope they haven’t given me anything too important to remember, and it’s at some point in the euphoria that I realize I have taken a wrong turn to get Brighid.  They ask me if they’ve called at a bad time, and I assure them they haven’t, but in my excitement, I have forgotten which direction to go to pick one of my children up, and they all laugh.  I don’t think they thought I was serious LOL!!

So I cannot wait to meet the other moms – and one dad – on my upcoming training trip.  If Disney allows us to blog about our experiences, know that I will do my best to post here as often as I can. 

And now, a few lyrics from one of the best songs in the world….

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you’re fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true