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2009 Moms Panel Training – The First Evening Events

I head back to my room to check it out and get ready for the evening.  I won’t lie to you – I am loving everyone I’ve met so far, but it takes a little while for me to come out of my shell.  I’m worried they won’t like me!

My room is lovely!  It has recently been renovated, and is so comfortable.  There are two large, comfy beds with lots of pillows, and without the girls here, I feel an obligation to take all of my clothes off, throw them in a heap on the floor, and bounce on at least one of the beds until the mattress is nearly on the floor.  But it’s too pretty and neat and clean, and the mom in me kicks back in, and the mattresses rest comfortably on their bed frames.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Bedroom
DisneyDesk at Coronado
I decide not to change for the evening.  We are meeting for a cocktail party at Rix lounge here at the Coronado, and I’m dressed okay for the event – not too dressed, but looking okay.
I have a few minutes, so after unpacking all of my stuff, I check out the itinerary and the stuff in my big envelope. 

Welcome Information
Welcome Information

I now see how exciting this weekend will be, with all of the activities they have planned!  And I have a name tag!!  How cool is that?

Before long, I am standing with my 15 new best friends at Rix.  Kay, who will become one of my most favorite people on the planet, arrives bearing gifts.  This is one sweetheart of a woman!  She presents us all with these adorable snowman Mouse ears, and they have Mom embroidered on the back!!
Kay's Gift

We spend some time chatting, drinking, eating and getting to know each other, and then a few of the girls decide to model their beautiful hat!  They look adorable, don’t you think??
Whitney, Kathy, Kay, Jodi, Diane, Joanne, and Jen
Whitney, Kathy, Kay, Jodi, Diane, Joanne, and Jen
So, did I mention that on this itinerary for the evening, it says that we are going to be visiting the suite at Cinderella Castle??  Holy cow, are you serious?  I have seen photos of the suite a few times – and believe me when I tell you that it is every Disney fanatics’ dream to see it up close and personal. 
They take us by private coach to the backstage area of the Magic Kingdom, and we are escorted over to the castle.  As you might expect, just like at Buckingham Palace, you can’t just walk right up to the front door, knock, and have someone yell, “Come on in, I’m in the bathroom!  I’ll be right out!”  Of course not, because Princesses don’t have to pee – especially at inopportune moments, like just as company is arriving.  That only happens to Me! 
Because we are such a large group, they are going to take us up half at a time.  The suite is not so enormous that it can accomodate more than 20 people comfortably, but when you factor in that you have to go up to the suite in an elevator, we just won’t all fit. 
The first thing we see in the foyer is the clock.  This clock is set so that it permanently indicates at time of 11:59.  It will never strike midnight, so we can rest assured that this beautiful dream will never come to an end, with life as we know it reverting back to how it was before the Fairy Godmothers, Laura and Leeanne called to invite us to the 2009 Moms Panel.  Oh, wait, this castle is Cinderella’s dream!!
Cinderella's Clock
The elevator that takes you up to the suite is designed inside to resemble the inside of the carriage that Cinderella might ride in.  When the door opens, you are at the entry way to the suite, and standing on a mosaic tile floor, staring at Cinderella’s glass slipper!  I am certain it is a perfect size 8, although our host does not offer to yank it out of the case and let me try it on.  Maybe if I had brought one of those Rix Royale cocktails…….
Cinderella's Glass slipper and crown
Mosaic Tile Floor
Mosaic Tile Floor
When the suite is opened, you can hear a collective gasp!  This is too good to be true – a group of moms, who just 24 hours ago were correcting homework, changing diapers, making dinner; and a dad who just 24 hours ago was sitting in a recliner watching TV while his wife corrected homework, changed diapers, and made dinner – we are all standing together in the Cinderella Suite! 
See for yourselves how incredibly attentive to detail the Disney Imagineers were in putting this beautifully appointed room together….
Wanting desperately for Cinderella to run off with the gardener so that maybe one of us can remain behind, consoling the poor broken hearted Prince Charming, we do our best to delay our departure by handing 8 or 9 cameras to our host and asking him to take our picture.  He graciously does so.

Kathy, Joanne, Anna, Diane, Karen, Tanya, Margaret, Fay, Amber, Jo
Kathy, Joanne, Anna, Diane, Karen, Tanya, Margaret, Fay, Amber, Jo

You can’t see me, but know that even the memory of seeing it for the first time gives me goose bumps.  I’m a little verklempt – talk amongst yourselves – go….

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  1. Hi Anna!

    Wow! Great report! And I recently saw those new snowman Ears around and I love them! BTW, 1) I would have helped you fold; and 2) if everyone wore white cotton socks, it makes life easier… Congratulations!



  2. Anna-your pictures are amazing. No worries…with or without your shell we love you just the way you are!

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