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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

or the one sitting at the desk behind mine.  I interrupt the blogging of my fabulous weekend with my 15 new BFFs at Walt Disney World to bring you my tale of woe regarding my husband.

Some of you have met him.  Look at this face.  It certainly SEEMS friendly enough…

But he’s evil and sadistic.  Before I was accepted to the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, I had decided I was way too busy to host a Christmas party this year.  I am writing a lot more, I am working part time, and things around here were hectic enough with Jim gone all week long.  But then Jim booked a Thanksgiving cruise.  And then I got accepted to the Moms Panel.  All of this seemed to confirm it was a GREAT idea NOT to host our annual Christmas party.

And then the man came out from behind the curtain, and the illusion of Silent Night, God REST ye Merry Gentlemen, What Child is This Who Lays to REST – gone.  All of it.  The conversation went something like this..

The crazy man – So, what would it take for you to put together a small party?

The rational thinking woman – The National Guard, 3/4 of a million dollars, Martha Stewart, and Divine Intervention.

The crazy man – So you can do it?

The rational thinking woman – (who, fortunately for the crazy man, is trying unsuccessfully to keep her eyes from twitching – this is fortunate for him because if they stop twitching long enough for me to see straight, I will likely grab a pair of dull kitchen scissors and stab him to death) – Yes I can do it, if you can help me get the house ready.

The crazy man – Okay then.  I’ll go clean out my desk drawers!  Let me know what day and time you need me to come upstairs to the party.

So, you’re all invited.  Next Sunday.  My house.  Wear black, because you may very well be attending a wake.  These eyes are bound to stop twitching at some point….

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  1. Anna, you’re too funny. I completely feel for you; I think it’s embedded into male DNA. My husband would pull the same thing if he wasn’t such a homebody. Enjoy, I know you’ll pull everything off fabulously.

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