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Got Jesus?

You think this is going to be a religious post, don’t you?  Then you must be a visitor here, and let me introduce myself – I’m Averse to Controversy, nice to meet you.

We’re having our annual holiday open house tomorrow.  So far, we have about 80 people who have RSVPd, but we generally end up with a few more or a few less, depending on the weather and cold season.  The year it was 60 degrees and sunny, we had more than 130 people!! 

As it is Christmas, I have been trying to teach Granuaile about the baby Jesus, and what Christmas means, and how this is Jesus’ birthday and all that sort of stuff.  She really seemed to be grasping things.  I thought.

So, my stepmother came over the other day to help me get ready for the party.  And Granuaile attaches herself to Ann like velcro.  And she is telling her all about our party, and how it’s Baby Jesus’ birthday, and it’s going to be a great party, with Granuaile and Baby Jesus playing all day long and into the wee hours of the morning.

Yes.  Somehow, the kid thinks there will really be a baby Jesus showing up here tomorrow to have Happy Birthday sung to him and to play with her.

How do you disappoint this little face??

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