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It Is the Day Before The Day that is Christmas Day!

I am heading out to the supermarket to pick up snack type food for Christmas.  It is one of the only times I can ever recall when we will be home for Christmas day – no company coming, no clothes to put on, no fancy food to put out.  The plan is to enjoy the girls opening their gifts; make a nice, hearty Christmas breakfast that includes some favorites for everyone – like scrapple and grits; and instead of a heavy Christmas dinner, we’re going to nosh on appetizers, dips, and snacks for the day.  Even mom is taking the day off!

It’s so wonderful to have all three of my girls here with me.  I don’t know what next Christmas holds for this family.  Brighid will be well into her freshman year at college, and while I hope and pray and have sacrificed the necessary gifts to the gods of Please Don’t Let My Kid Forget About Me When She Moves Out, you just don’t know what her life has in store for her for next year.  This truly could be the last Christmas I have them all here, under my roof, able to enjoy being together.

Well damn, I just made myself so teary, I can’t see the mistakes I’m making!!

So, Mrs. Claus has chosen some lovely pajamas for everyone, and she will leave them on the steps while they are at Dram’s today for Christmas eve dinner.  That is the only gift they are allowed to unwrap Christmas eve.  Eilis has a plan to fall asleep under the table, so she is certain to wake up when Santa gets here.  I think this is her last year to believe.  She’s asking for photographic evidence of reindeer on our rooftop this year, so we may have to have the talk where you threaten to break limbs if the older sibling reveals to the younger sibling that there is no fat guy coming to eat the cookies and leave presents. 

If you have ever received a written invitation to our annual holiday party, you know I have a collection of holiday quotes that I love, and I’m gratetful to have the opportunity to use them this time of year!  This is one of my favorites, by Hamilton Wright Mabie –

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!”.
Believe in the conspiracy, people. 
Happy Christmas!