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Review Walnut Street Theatre Production of Hairspray

My middle daughter is in love with the theatre, and being raised in the age of High School Musical and Camp Rock, she is especially fond of musicals.  She can sing and dance and just about recite every line in the movie version of Hairspray, so we were thrilled to see that one of the shows being produced during this year’s subscription was Hairspray!

Of course, the night we had tickets, we forgot, and had to call the theatre and re-book.  We’re such idiots sometimes.

This was well worth the wait – and the expense – of rebooking!!  Highlights of the show included Michael Walker, portraying matriarch Edna Turnblad.  Funny, with a believable maternal tenderness, Walker’s Edna was a character to remember.  And as a mom to a daughter who is better than average in the size department, seeing Amy Toporek’s Tracy Turnblad was an absolute delight!  She rocked the role as the plus sized, but determined to find her way in the spotlight of acceptance, Tracy. 

The only complaint I have is possibly the busy curtain in front of which a good bit of the action took place.  Not necessary.

Eilis was so in love with this show, we almost bought tickets to see it again a second time.  We may still before the run is over – it really was that good.  Energetic, uplifting, and always nice to see plus sized girls get the guy, get the respect, and get the spotlight.

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  1. Anna we saw it in London a while back and thought it was great, we much prefered the second half though and couldn’t stop singing for the rest of the week LOL

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