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Wii Fit – How Far Am I Running?

Those of you who know me may be surprised to find out that I am not an athlete.  I am not a fan of exercise, and believe that the most amount of effort that I should have to exert in a day would be the movement of my hand from the bowl of bon-bons to my mouth as I lay on the sofa watching Oprah (isn’t that what all stay at home moms do?). 

So, I have mentioned my 15 new best friends – the moms and dad on the 2009 Disney Moms Panel. 

To borrow a phrase the wisdom of which was imparted to me by my friends Whitney and Jennifer, bless their hearts (which is Southern, apparently, for are these people bat shit crazy??).  These women – and Doug – are convinced that we can make our presence known at the Expedition Everest 5K in September.  Now, I believe I’d make an excellent water hander outer, but really, I’d love to be able to do this.  It’s 3 miles, and if I survive the heart attack and the stroke I know I’ll suffer at about the end of the first mile, I might be able to crawl the other two miles.

But this brings me to my training regimine.  Right now, I am doing the Wii Fit, because, frankly, it’s cold outside, and I don’t like the cold – not even with a latte in hand.  So yesterday, my first day on the Wii Fit I think since Bush was in the White House (the other one), I ran the short distance.  I felt like I really accomplished something, as I did it without passing out or throwing up.  And it didn’t seem too bad.  So today, I decided to do the Island lap.  As soon I saw the distance bar across the bottom of the screen, I knew I had made a mistake, but I was determined.

After running what seemed like 437 miles, I finished.  I was so proud of myself for not dropping dead on the living room floor, in front of Granuaile!  But even though it gives you all sorts of little stars and happy sunshine and rainbows for your achievement, it doesn’t tell you what you’ve achieved.

Does anyone know – how do you know how far you are running on the Wii Fit?  Did I seriously do 437 miles, or should I keep practicing for that September 5K.  Bless their hearts.

2 Replies to “Wii Fit – How Far Am I Running?”

  1. Anna I think the island lap has to be at least 5 miles don’t you 😉

    Sorry I don’t know any way to find that out, I do know that we’re all going to have holes worn in our carpet from all the running on the spot LOL

    BTW if I manage to make the 5K I’ll probably walk it, better to chat to everyone that way lmao

  2. Anna I don’t know, but I too felt like I had run at least 437 miles around that island. My husband gave me a pedometer once for mother’s day (yes, we’re still married). As soon as I replace the batteries, I’ll run with it in hand and let you know.

    I’ll be walking (is wogging still in fashion) with Jo. Gotta save my energy for the obstacle course.

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