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Help IzzyB Get Cancer Free!

My friend Chasity is a Super Hero.  You won’t recognize her among the other super heroes, because like some of the real heroes in the world, Chasity doesn’t wear a cape.  She’s a mom. 

While I admire anyone who can mother a child – because I have three of my own, and there really are days when they make you understand why some species eat their young – Chasity is unique among moms.  Her super hero abilities outshine us all.

This beautiful little girl is Isabella   

IzzyB is Chasity’s daughter – and the twin sister to the incredibly handsome Landon.  Chasity’s children were born at only 24 weeks gestation, and not long after these gorgeous babies arrived in the world, Chasity found herself having to survive as a single mom. 

As anyone who knows anything about babies can tell you, babies born at 24 weeks are going to have many mountains to climb.  Landon and Isabella can vouch for that!  The obstacles these babies have had to jump over in just two short years would be staggering to even the strongest among us.  Landon has gone through two open heart surgeries, has had a pacemaker placed in his tiny chest, aortic stenosis, and cerebral palsy.  He’s a fighter, and is growing and doing well, in spite of the road blocks life has thrown before him.


And this brings us back to the beautiful Miss IzzyB.  After spending nearly the entire first year of her life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Isabella has made strides that the great runners of the world would be envious of!  She has tackled some big medical giants, and just like David in the Bible, she has triumphed, no matter how big the opponent. 

But now, Isabella needs us.  This darling little girl is facing cancer, and her only option right now for survival is a liver transplant.  As she waits on the transplant list for an organ to become available, Chasity must don her Super Hero attire and fight the biggest foe she may ever fight in order to see to it that her baby girl has a chance at life.  The expenses associated with Isabella’s medical treatment are staggering.  We’re not even talking about doctor visits and band-aids here folks – we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars!  In addition to the actual medical needs, funding is needed for transporting IzzyB to specialists; help for Chasity to keep her head above water while she tries to maintain her full time job and competent child care for Landon when she has to be at the hospital with Isabella.  This goes beyond what health insurance is willing to pay for.  And we’re counting on friends from far and wide to come through for Isabella.
If you can donate ANYTHING, please consider clicking the link – don’t be ashamed it’s too small!  These babies know that small things become great things – they are proof of that themselves!  Go here to help save Isabella’s life – http://cota.donorpages.com/PatientOnlineDonation/COTAforIsabellaG/
Even Super Heroes need help sometimes.  Surely you’ve heard of the Fantastic Four.  Here’s your chance to be part of another Fantastic Four – Chasity, Landon, Isabella, and Us.  Let’s fight together to save IzzyB.