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Friday – Tiny Hiney Kicking Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

As a mom, there is very little in life as exciting as having the opportunity to defeat your children at something that resembles a video game.  My daughters spend their lives telling me how I am an epic failure at things like Wii, XBox, World of Warcraft.  But today is the day I exact my revenge on these pint sized people, and that revenge comes in the form of Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

 Okay, pay no attention to the fact that the person sitting in the seat next to my incredible score of over 114,000 is 3.  In human years.  This is, my friends, a victory for moms everywhere!  Anytime you can kick baby butt at a video game is a good day – one mothers across the universe are celebrating with me.  Come on ladies, show me the love 🙂

Eilis, who rode in the car in front of us, performed exceedingly well – but I kicked her butt, too.  Go me!

We start wandering around, and we notice one thing – it’s freakin’ crowded here!  Where’s the recession?  What’s up with that?  Lines every where you turn!

We decide to go see Bolt, as the girls saw the movie recently and are in love with him.  Granuaile is super excited, but when she sees that Bolt is not a fuzzy little puppy who is going to run into her lap and lavish her with puppy dog kisses, she decides he is NOT her favorite anymore and opts to exclude herself from the Bolt pictures.  Eilis, however, uses the opportunity to get some Hamster hugs!

Hamster Hugs
Hamster HugsEilis Meets Bolt

After we’ve done our meet and greet with Bolt, checked ourselves for fleas and unwanted dog hairs, we decide to head to Playhouse Disney Live!  Remember back in the day, when the show included Bear in a Big Blue House?  I loved him.  The thing I loved most about him was that he was big and real, and I felt like he was there.     Well, he was there.  Now we have puppets, and they are low on the stage instead of up and lively and animated, and I seriously do not enjoy this show as much as I used to.

I digress.  This is of course not a show for the appreciation of jaded grown-ups.  It is meant to appeal to the peanut posse.  Granuaile, ever reserved in public, sits on my lap and taps her hand on her thigh to the music, and Eilis has to move to a seat on the aisle because she can’t see – which is what happens with puppets that are on the floor of the stage. 
Fresh from her thigh tapping good time at Playhouse Disney Live!, Granuaile finds the intestinal fortitude necessary to meet some of her favorites from The Little Einsteins (or Eimstimes, as she calls them), so we head out to join the line of excited children.  Eilis deems herself Way. Too. Cool.  She refuses to get in line at all, so she stands off to the side where I can keep an eye on her, but if any of her friends or fans walks by, she appears like she definitely could care less about the preschool set’s celebrities.
Leo's Biggest Fan
LeoGranuaile and the Little Einsteins
With the enormous crowds, and the American Idol Experience newly opened, I expect a mob for each of the shows there, so I am not only pleasantly surprised to see that we can pretty much walk right in and have our choice of seats, I have to be scooped up off the ground after fainting from the shock!  When we saw the set during Moms Panel training, I was impressed at how closely they captured what we see on TV.  But here today, it really is amazing!  They’ve gone to great lengths to make this the experience I imagine you have if you are in actuality sitting in Hollywood, cheering on your favorite Vote for the Worst Idol – or the good ones, whomever you happen to favor.  The guy that comes out and warms up the crowd is phenomenal – funny, energetic, even got the grumpy old guy sitting next to me clapping his hands!  Granuaile fell asleep, but Eilis loved this experience, and if she could have, she would have spent the entire day sitting right in her chair!

My American Idol
My American Idol

Have I mentioned the park is absolutely mobbed?  And now the kids are hungry.  We head over to Star Tours, and we ride this, now that Granuaile is big enough to ride!!    The wait here isn’t too bad, but with the hungries about to take over the world and the excellent behavior I’ve enjoyed from both of my girls, we decide to head out to find lunch.

The plan is to go outside of Walt Disney World and see what we can find in a Taco Bell or other culinary delight of similar budget.  Eilis asks about coming back to see the Create a Tee shop at Downtown Disney, so I get the brilliant idea that maybe we’ll take a chance and grab a bite at Earl of Sandwich, then let the kids go make a shirt – if it’s not all too crowded.  It’s past the official lunch hour, so maybe we’ll be lucky and not have to wait at the Earl!
Parking here is outrageous, and we end up parking way in the back of the lot all the way down at the new T-Rex restaurant.  Eilis automatically assumes I have decided to surprise them by taking them there – so I do.  And guess what?  All of these cars in the parking lot and absolutely ZERO wait for a table.  We walk right in and are seated immediately.
Eilis at T-Rex
Eilis at T-Rex

The food was about as I expected, and I’ll post a separate review of the restaurant.

After lunch, we headed over to spend the money Nannie gave the girls.  They both want to Create a Tee or Make your own mouse ears, but when I inquire at the World of Disney where I can go to do those things, the lady stares at me as if I’ve just asked her to direct me to the ET Ride.  She goes and asks another Cast Member, and guess what?  She doesn’t know either! 
We head over to where I think it is – and there it is – in the store that has the art stuff.  What’s that store called again?  Better go ask someone on the Moms Panel 🙂
We spend about 30 minutes waiting in line for a computer to open up, and then the girls each make a shirt.  They love their creations, but they won’t be ready until after six tonight, so we decide we’ll just pick them up when we come back this way tomorrow.
We browse a few more shops, pick up a few more souvenirs, and head back to Grandmom and Pop-pop’s house.  We’re exhausted!

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  1. So, you decided to go to the Parks anyway, huh? Wasn’t sure from your facebook status post one day!

    I am so RELIEVED to read this blog because (a) my neighbor went to WDW this week (it is Spring Break here in GA, and his wife is a teacher), and he said the crowds weren’t bad at all (yesterday at Epcot),and (b) because yesterday was my birthday, and we opted to skip it because touringplans.com had the Parks rated at a 9!

    Thanks for making me feel much better about our decision!

    Have fun!

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