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Did You Need Any More Reasons to Love Pierce Brosnan? Here’s One…

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a short list of Hollywood celebs that I think are absolutely adorable.  I’m not a big Brad Pitt fan, don’t get all ga-ga over Johnny Depp, and I think I could walk right into McDreamy or McSteamy in the grocery store and not know who they were in person.

But on top of my list of oh my gosh, this guy is SUPER hot, Hollywood celebs would be Pierce Brosnan.  He’s handsome, talented, handsome, has the ability to laugh at himself, handsome, aging very well, and handsome.  Oh, and he’s Irish, born in Navan, County Meath.  Oh, and handsome.

So, as if those things weren’t enough reasons to be in love with Pierce Brosnan, he supports gay marriage, gay adoption, was married to his wife Cassandra Harris for 11 years, supporting her through her illness and surviving her passing, he adopted her two children when their own father died when they were small – I mean seriously, the list goes on and on. 

Ten years after the loss of his beloved wife Cassandra, he married Keely Shaye Smith.  I know nothing of the woman, but of course, knowing that Pierce was really waiting for an opportunity to meet and marry me, I was terribly jealous when he settled for Keely.  I had fooled myself into believing he was still in mourning for his wonderful wife, which is why he hadn’t found time to look me up, so marrying Keely burst that bit of bubble I was living in. 

To make matters worse, I was a big fat woman, and Keely was, of course, model perfect.  How could she not be – she was marrying Pierce Brosnan?

But have you seen Keely Shaye Smith now?  I relate to her and know that she must be a wonderful woman, because Pierce is able to look beyond the shell she lives in and into the person she is – and THAT my dear friends is my new biggest reason to love Pierce Brosnan.  He could be shallow, tell her she needs to go on a diet to be seen with him, berate her in public for her weight, but he doesn’t – he loves her.  It doesn’t matter to him that she isn’t model perfect anymore (although, honestly, even plus sized, Keely Shaye Smith is a beautiful, beautiful woman), she is the woman he loves, no matter what size her jeans are.

And Keely – one big reason to love her – she is living large and wearing a bikini.  You go, girl.  Gotta admire her for that.