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Four Dead (Tired) in O-Hi-O

So, we thought we’d make it to Chicago on our first day, but that was when we were wild eyed optimists, with nothing ahead of us but the open road and the promise of a new adventure at every mile marker.

Once reality sets in, we find ourselves praying to make it to Toledo, where we will be at about 8:30.  We are still planning to hit the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning, but we’ll be leaving Toledo about 6 AM, instead of sleeping in Chicago until 8.

The girls have really been pretty well behaved.  Well, if you discount the “She’s kissing me!” complaints from Eilis and the “She’s not being nice and letting me kiss her!” complaints from Granuaile, they are being on their best behavior.  Thank goodness for the advances in psychiatric treatment that allowed for the development of portable DVD players to keep mothers from abandoning children from one end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the other.

The worst part of the trip so far is Jim’s choice of radio stations.  I was thrilled that our rental contains Sirius satellite radio.  We opted to shut ours off after our satellite radio broke a few months ago, and I haven’t heard Howard Stern in weeks and weeks.  Well, with Jim doing the bulk of the driving, he’s been listening to classic radio shows from the 40’s and 50’s.  Thank goodness for the advances in psychiatric medicine that allowed for the invention of air cards to give you internet access in the car so you don’t abandon your husband on the Ohio Turnpike.