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The Pilgrimage

I, like many people, have a morning routine.  I get up, shower, brush my teeth, get the kids off to school or summer activities, and then slip over to Cherry Hill, where I have carried on a three year love affair – every morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and even an occasional evening.

I head to Starbucks.  After some experimentation back in the early days, we have settled into a comfortable and monogamous relationship.  Me and a Venti seven pump skinny vanilla latte. 

I have not been to Seattle since I discovered the joy of Starbucks coffee, so this cross country road trip for me is like going to Mecca.  The mission is to venture to the original Starbucks location, see how wonderful the latte tastes in the hallowed halls of the flagship venture, and then report back to my wonderful baristas in Cherry Hill that they are, of course, FAR better than any Starbucks baristas anywhere across this great big country.

The journey begins, as it should, at my Starbucks in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Sandi, the best barista (and hairdresser) on the planet, is there; and so is Andrew – the second best barista anywhere on the planet – and he’s only second because he can’t highlight my hair.

Let’s see where the journey shall take us!