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The Pilgrimage – Day 2

After a rather uneventful coffee day yesterday, with easy access to my Starbucks fix on the Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes, we are finding Starbucks a bit more elusive between western Ohio and Indiana.  We have passed rest areas with Gloria Jean’s coffee, and while I’m sure ol’ Gloria knows quite a bit about coffee, she’s not Starbucks.  We saw Bigger’s coffee, but as we all know, Bigger is not necessarily better.

The one place at which I was tempted to stop was Tim Hortons.  I don’t even know if Tim Horton would know what a latte is, but they had a commercial running for blueberry doughnuts.  I love blueberries baked into anything, and the blueberry bloom doughnut looked like a little blue slice of heaven!  I may have to stop at a Tim Hortons before the end of this trip.

So the journey to my coffee Mecca continued through about half of Indiana, when finally, there was a Starbucks in a rest stop.  Enjoying my latte as I type, wondering where I might get my fix on the long trip home through some of the desert states….