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It’s Snack Time! Day 1 The Fresh Diet – A Gastric Bypass Review

Oh. My. Goodness.  Talk about hitting the ball out of the park!  That’s how I would describe my afternoon snack on The Fresh Diet www.thefreshdiet.com !

I’m a bit of a tomato snob, being a Jersey girl and all.  Anyone will tell you that we have, by far, the best tomatoes anywhere in the world.  But it’s not Jersey tomato season.  And I love tomatoes.  And I love cheese.  And when I saw the description on The Fresh Diet menu of this snack (Red and Yellow Tomato with Goat Cheese and Fresh Basil), I knew I had to try it, even if it wasn’t made with Jersey’s best!

Delicious.  Seriously, delicious.  You know the saying “Less is more”? This was simple, elegant, and delicious, bursting with the freshness of the tomatoes, the creamy texture of the cheese, and the refreshing bite of basil.  I sprinkled a little bit of salt on top, because I just love a tomato with salt, but this doesn’t need anything.  It was a wonderful afternoon snack.

As a gastric bypass patient, the most dangerous thing on the plate for me was the basil.  I ended up taking it off and chopping it up to a finer texture, then sprinkled it back on top.  Of everything I’ve eaten today, this is the one thing that stands out.  I could have eaten this for dinner, in a larger sized portion.  It was that good.  And on a day that was hot and humid, this is really the perfect snack.  I would replicate this for the family, if only I could get the kids to develop the love for tomatoes that I have.

Check out The Fresh Diet for yourself at www.thefreshdiet.com .