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The Fresh Diet Day 1 Breakfast – Gastric Bypass Review

Today’s breakfast from the Fresh Diet is described as a Fresh Fruit Salad with Apple, Blueberry, Kiwi, Papaya, Watermelon and Apricot Yogurt.  The fruit smells like a sweet heaven when I open the container, even though there are a few squashed blueberries on top.  I picked them off, and moved on.

I love fresh fruit, and actually, while I would eat a cheesecake any day, I really enjoy snacking on fresh fruit.  My biggest obstacles to fresh fruit are two-fold.  The first issue I have is that I’m the one in the house that has to do all the chopping, peeling, slicing, de-seeding, and cleaning, and by the time the damn thing is done, I’d just as soon grab a cupcake and move on.

The second issue I have with fruit salad is that some fruit seems to just kind of lay in my gastrically altered stomach.  Like apples.  And apples are a pretty big component in this salad.  Fruit also has a tendency to fill me up VERY quickly.  Which is why I chose the fruit salad as my breakfast.  I figured if I am going to be on a diet, I want food that is going to fill me up so I don’t reach for snacks I shouldn’t have.  Secondly, I figured if I couldn’t get through the whole salad in one sitting, I’d have it for a mid-morning snack later.

Aside from the few smooshed blueberries on top and a couple of pieces of too mushy to eat watermelon, the salad tasted fresh.  The fruit was sweet and satisfying, and even without the apple slices, I got filled after a few bites.  I didn’t taste an overwhelming apricot taste in the yogurt, which I actually found the least appealing part of the meal.  It was a little sour tasting and a bit watery, so I stopped eating it after the first bite – or slurp.

All in all, this was the perfect breakfast.  I ended up sharing leftovers with Jim and the kids, as I really did get very full – even splitting it in two sittings.  And the yogurt thing may have been due to the temperatures outside more than the flavors in the yogurt.