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The Fresh Diet Day 3 Lunch – Gastric Bypass Review

I was concerned about lunch today, because I ordered the mushroom souffle and Gruyere Cheese panini on whole wheat ciabatta bread.  After the bread difficulties I had with breakfast, I was not excited.  To make matters worse, I don’t know if other bypassed people have this problem, but bread microwaved can be disastrous.

I didn’t heat the sandwich as long as I think I should have, but with breakfast still looming large in my head, I was worried.  As a result, I got some cheese melting, but the inside of the sandwich was essentially cold.  It would have been much better warm.  And pressed, like a panini.

The flavors were very mild, and I should have added a little something (salt is my go to, but I didn’t want to throw salt on the sandwich), but it wasn’t as bad as the French toast experience this morning.  The cheese was good, there was nothing special about the mushrooms, but it was definitely a nice sandwich.

I think I would have thought more highly of this had it been warmer, but again, my own stupidity in ordering a big sandwich is to blame here.