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Symptoms of Mold Poisoning

Because you were wondering, I’m sure, just what my child was exposed to.  Over the course of this school year, my daughter has developed five of these symptoms on a fairly regular basis during her stay at Pegasus Landing Apartments, affiliated University of Central Florida housing.

 (This is not Brighid’s apartment – just a photo of what black mold can do)

The following is taken from www.allergyescape.com

Symptoms of Toxic Mold Syndrome

The mycotoxins produced by toxic mold create environmentally toxic air that affects the body’s myelin, depleting this important substance that covers the nerves. The nerves are thus exposed without protection and fail to function correctly. This affects essential components of the body, including: the immune system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the skin, and the gastrointestinal system. When toxic mold causes neurological problems, it can be devasting when children are involved, since their brains and other organs are not fully developed.

Symptoms of mold poisoning and toxic mold exposure include:

• memory loss


• anxiety


• personality disorders


• nosebleeds


• shortness of breath


• abdominal pain


• hair loss


• skin rashes


• fatigue


• numbness in extremities


• headaches


• mood swings


• pain in the extremities


• cough


• sore throat


• rectal bleeding


• tremors


• fibromyalgia

Other symptoms of toxic mold include: destruction of brain tissue, open skin sores, fungal infections, lung diseases such as Aspergilliosis), and chronic sinus problems.