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Part 1 – Getting Back In Shape – the Plastic Surgery is Over!

Okay, yeah, like I ever was “in shape”.  Well, round is a shape, and I certainly had that covered.  I’m going now for more of a rectangle – and heading in the right direction!

After a year of trying to fit my surgery in between Jim’s traveling, my traveling, family traveling, my mom getting sick, and everything else life throws at you, I finally made the final leap.

You might remember a post I made a year and a half ago –


I had found my surgeon, and was still feeling very comfortable about the decision to go with Dr. Nestor Veitia. He had been with the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery when I first consulted with him about what I wanted done, but when I called the Hurwitz Center to make my appointment, I was notified he was no longer with the practice.

Okay – for a split second, I waivered.  I thought I’d have to start all over again.  But just in the split second, as I was about to ask if they had updated information to reach him, the secretary offered me his new number. That saved me from tracking his butt down to the four corners of the World.  And can I tell you, when I thought about things, my mind went back to my experience with Dr. Newman’s office.  If you go see this post


you’ll be reminded how uncomfortable I felt in a big practice with a sincere lack of personal attention. Perhaps the move would be a good one for both myself and Dr. Veitia.

I phoned the new office, and was given an appointment within a week.  I was thrilled!  I was traveling back from Orlando the day before the appointment, but I was going to make it, no matter what.  I got lost, ended up running about 15 minutes late as a result, but the new office was so warm and welcoming, it eased the stress I was feeling about the late arrival.

The nurse-type person brought me back to the room, and was so sweet, as she provided the gown and the instructions.  She talked about Disney, which, as you know, is my happy place, so it was nice to be transported for a few minutes back to the “World”.

I knew, as soon as Dr. Veitia walked in, broad, beaming smile and warm handshake, that I had made the right decision in staying with this surgeon.  There is just an aura of calm about him, and even through the awkward plus sized porn shots all plastic surgeons must take (well, not those that only operate on skinny women), I managed to stay collected.  I hate having those photos taken.

A plan was put into place, and we decided as close to June 22nd (which was the last day of school) as he could schedule me, the better.  After a few days, insurance was approved for the parts they were going to cover, a date was set – June 24th – and I was on my way….