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Plastic Surgery Part 4 – The Trip Home

Dr. Veitia was there bright and early on Friday morning, and told me that if I felt up to it, I could go home.  If I didn’t feel up to it, I could stay another night.  People, let me share this pearl of wisdom with you – NO ONE feels up to going home the day after this surgery.  Do not follow my lead – STAY PUT!!

The pain was excruciating – worse than any of my three c-sections – and I really probably would have been much more comfortable at the hospital.  But, being the pain in the butt that I am, I wanted to go home.  I figured there was really nothing that could be done for me in the hospital that I couldn’t do for myself at home – or someone could do for me.  Food wasn’t tasting good, so I wasn’t going to eat much.  I had my pain meds, so there was no need for the morphine pump.  Jim had arranged the downstairs so that our recliner was closer to the middle of the room, near the coffee table and the sofa.  That way, I could sleep on the recliner, and he could sleep right next to me on the couch; plus, everything I needed would be right there on the coffee table.  It worked out great.

But honestly, I should have stayed the extra night.

My in-laws came up to pick us up, and even just getting into the car was horrendous.  Every muscle in my stomach hurts, and getting in and out of the wheelchair, then in and out of the car didn’t help.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

Not being a pain pill person, I was surprised to find myself looking forward to the six hour mark, when I could take them!  I felt very strongly like I needed them, otherwise, I would have worked through the pain without them.  That’s just plain crazy.

My first week at home was marked by resting on the recliner.  Laying flat is not an option, so the bed was not an option for me.  I had loads of help between the grandparents and Jim, plus Eilis went to the shore for a long July 4th weekend.  You are going to need help – there is no question.  You won’t be able to lift more than 5 pounds, and forget driving while on the pain meds.

Bottom line – don’t try to be brave; try to be smart.  Anticipate the need for pain meds and don’t grit your teeth and tough it out.  When they say walk around, that does not mean do a 5K – take it easy.  Rest, relax, and recuperate.