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A Real (estate) Extraordinary Guy – Carl Head

Because I know by the end of this email you are going to need to know how to find Carl, you can find him at his Century 21 Facebook Page located http://tinyurl.com/24bmq3m .

So, here’s the story.  Last summer, at the last minute, literally days before Florida schools would have been in session, we decided to move.  We were just going to pack up, hit the road, and begin a new adventure.  Having not lived in the Orlando area for a long time, we weren’t sure about neighborhoods, schools, or things along those lines.  As anxious as we were, we could have sent them to Dr. Nick’s School of SMRT Kids and probably been fine with that – at least for the school year – but we thought we should do a parent’s due diligence and scope out the lay of the land.

Because we were so late in deciding to do anything, renting seemed like a good idea.  We were driving around neighborhoods that we believed to be good, and in passing through, found a police car.  Jim, being the sociable being he is, pulled into the parking lot to ask the guy what he thought of the neighborhood.  In his honest opinion, he didn’t know anything about the neighborhood, but he did give us the business card for his buddy, Carl.

Carl knocked himself out last summer, trying to find our temporary Florida home, and when we finally found one, it was through no fault of his that the people renting it put oddities in their contract – including things like “If our air conditioner stops working, you have to replace it”.  We always knew that when the time was right again, we’d find Carl and work with him.

This was going to be the year to move.  I was planning to have surgery early in the summer, so by the end of the summer, I was in good shape, house hunting, and ready to go.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bounce back as quickly as I had hoped, and after a week of house hunting and not finding anything, I became sick and had to return to the hospital in NJ.

Carl never wavered for a moment in working with us, and provided us mountains of information and dozens of housing options.  He’s been great at scouting out areas with the best schools, and pointing us in the direction of the right house.

If you are ever in the Orlando area, looking for an agent that will find you what you need, check out Carl.  He will eventually be the agent who sells us our Florida home.