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Cross Culture Indian Cuisine – Bariatric Bad News?

I just wanted to quickly wrap up my review of Cross Culture Indian Cuisine in Haddonfield, NJ with my spin for gastric bypass patients.  There are pros and cons to dining on Indian cuisine for those of us that are gastrically altered.

To start with, rice is a big component in a meal here.  The entrees that aren’t composed primarily of rice come with a steaming plate of basmati rice.  For many gastric bypass patients, such as myself, rice is not your friend.  For me, it tastes good, but once I have it in my stomach, it seems to expand to the size of a large beach ball, and makes it not only difficult to eat anything else, but it makes me seriously uncomfortable.

You can opt for things like the tandoori dishes and kebabs, but  keep in mind that unless they are expertly prepared, for many of us, shrimp and chicken can also be an issue.  I skipped the tandoori chicken on our appetizer sampler, heading for the much moister and Gastric bypass friendlier fish.

Lastly, bread is a problem for some gastrically altered folks.  Not for me.  I could have eaten the whole bread basket and been very happy.  But that’s not much of a meal, and for me, bread can be a slider food.  I can eat way too much of it, and come back for more later on.

So, Indian cuisine can be a hit or miss for gastric bypass patients.  Choose the primarily protein based dishes, skip the basmati rice, avoid the bread basket, and watch your proteins for texture.  You should be able to find enough to enjoy without going home regretting the meal.

3 Replies to “Cross Culture Indian Cuisine – Bariatric Bad News?”

  1. i had undergone bariatric surgery in the month of july this year and to to know about food which i can enjoy .I am vegetarian,can you help me in this regard

    1. Hi, Vishal! You’ll want to make certain above all else that you get your protein in! There are quite a few protein shakes that you should be able to enjoy (although you might want to add things like juice or peanut butter to tweak the flavor so you can enjoy it), and as soon as your doctor says you can return to a solid food diet, always put protein first. In your case, Quinoa is a whole grain that is very high in protein, and you should also rely heavily on beans, nuts, nut butters, and tofu. But ALWAYS put your protein first!!!

      Congratulations on your surgery, and I hope you do very well!

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