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Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses – Ummm, okay

I love pumpkin, and everything pumpkin flavored.  Pumpkin pie is my favorite.  Pumpkin bread is my favorite.  Pumpkin body spray is my favorite.  I love fall and look forward to fall, mostly because it’s okay to be passionate about pumpkins once the leaves turn colors.  But passionate may not be the right word here.

These oddly colored orange kisses look cute in my fall candy container, and add a nice bit of autumn to the buffet the container sits on.  But the taste is a bit odd.  I get the pumpkin spice, but it’s surrounded by a faux white chocolate sort of taste.  You know those white chocolate bunnies that you get for .50 at the drug store after Easter?  Yeah, it’s like that sort of a chocolate taste.

If you LOVE pumpkin, these might be worth a try, just to get a flavor reminiscent of a pumpkin pie when it’s inappropriate to inhale a whole pie on your own.  But don’t expect to be in love.  They are merely an emergency substitute for the real thing.