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Go Clean Your Room!

I am trying not to do the same thing with my younger children than I did with the oldest – which is, when she was young, I’d let her go play in another room, and I’d spend hours cleaning up the disaster in her bedroom. It was a lot of work then, very time consuming, and now, with two of them and many more activities going on, I don’t have time to dedicate to each room.

So I am constantly telling someone to go clean their room. But with these kids, you need to be more specific. Don’t give them generalizations like that – it’s too broad of an instruction. Instead, be very specific. Like go hang up your hangers.

That worked much better.

4 Replies to “Go Clean Your Room!”

  1. And FYI, when I walked by this morning, that kid was doing a semi dressed, semi naked dancing in her room with those headphones on.

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