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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • Team Glee? Girls from Bellmawr/Belmar? How could I not be excited for the Amazing Race? #AmazingRace #
  • Granuaile practiced the rules for a happy day on our way to school. Is there a set of these for husbands? I don't think mine got his copy. #
  • @rwhitneyjr @Dizneydreamer See, Rob didn't get the memo! Point proven! #
  • RT DisneyParks: Moms Panel: Can the Premier Passport still be purchased? http://bit.ly/dCqS6b #
  • @PackerKay So sorry about Thor 🙁 What a wonderful companion he was and I am certain he'll be missed! #
  • Just taught a fabulous class about vacation planning! It made up for having to go to math class! #
  • Up to 4 inches of rain and maybe a tornado here in South Jersey – but that's okay, because I'm going to Disney World! #wdwmoms #
  • SURPRISE! Jim booked flights to MCO for tomorrow morning! No all night drive to see my #wdwmoms No excuse not to look bright eyed now! #
  • Around 10:30 yayyy #
  • @DisneyMomCathy around 10:30 yayyyy! in reply to DisneyMomCathy #
  • @jojoey when do you get there? Or are you already there??? in reply to jojoey #
  • Oh man – do you not just want to bring Mondo home and hug him? #ProjectRunway #
  • @DearYouLoveMom There will be about 30 of us! Erin, Margaret, Marc, Kaylene, Amy, Suzannah, Kay, Cathy, Diane L, Bernie, Joanne, and more! in reply to DearYouLoveMom #
  • @DearYouLoveMom That is so sweet! Tell her how wonderfully thoughtful that is and we appreciate her kind heart! She can pass hugs instead! in reply to DearYouLoveMom #
  • FULL shuttle of people heading out of PHL – hope they are headed someplace warm, dry and sunny – like we are! WDW here we come! #
  • @JugglingMommy Mondo won – I cried the whole episode! See you at dinner? #
  • I'm here! Well, almost! http://twitpic.com/2tnise #
  • @WDWStevieB Thanks! in reply to WDWStevieB #
  • Just remembered why I usually take Jim's Magical Express and not Disney's – Jim stops at Starbucks. #
  • Headed for a quick bite at the Mara to check in on number one daughter! #wdwmoms #
  • EPCOT bound after Granuaile failed to recognize Brighid at work. Sooo cute when she finally realized who it was! #
  • @jojoey Okay in case my battery dies –
    Brighid cell is 856-745-4045 and she said she'd come to yacht club to meet you! in reply to jojoey #
  • @ayacullo From where? Say hi if you see me! I am having a bad hair and bad kid day – you can't miss me! in reply to ayacullo #
  • @BethChoisez Oh no! Want me to come back up there and "Make dem an offa dey can't refuse?" Someone will give up a seat! in reply to BethChoisez #
  • Saying goodnight to my #wdwmoms and heading back with sleepy kids and tired feet! Have a dessert for me! #
  • @JugglingMommy Oh Honey, I dedicated a rosary for you and our runners! in reply to JugglingMommy #
  • So nice to meet Disney peeps today, especially @DisneyDean @DisneyFrankness @dcanoli and my Jersey guy @ayacullo & Princess Amy! THX guys! #
  • @MomsPanelKaren @jackandnickymom @Gary_Jerry @JugglingMommy @StaceyPickering Be safe, run strong, celebrate success! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-03