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Good Things Come in Threes! Will I hit the lottery next?

For those of you following the saga of my plastic surgery, today was a huge milestone!  My surgeon, the fabulous Dr. Nestor Veitia, spent as much time talking life and religion today as he did my wound.  Oh my gosh, it was awesome!  He has told me he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying about me, and I don’t have to see him again for a month!!  Not that I don’t love him, but I have to admit there was a different skip in my step headed out to the car than there has been.  I feel great!

Not that you need a photo of my surgeon to highlight this huge milestone, but he is a cutie, so you might as well enjoy the eye candy as I regale you with my happy day story!

As you know, a piece of my luggage went missing yesterday.  The only piece that came home with us was the piece with the laundry and the shoes.  That may seem like a blessing – no one will be sneaker-less or underwear-less this week.  But the bag that went missing was filled with critical, life sustaining items that no one should be forced to live without.  The missing bag contained the Halloween candy collected from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I know, right?  Can you imagine the devastation at the thought of a big old sugar rush behind closed doors at the TSA while my children were forced to eat the crummy candy corn I bought because it looks pretty and fall-ish in my candy jars?  I doubt the family would have survived.

But even more tragic was the traumatic loss of my beloved makeup case.  Gone was the lip liner and eye brow tweezers.  Lost was the perfect shade of eye shadow and the incredible mascara.  My brand new, just bought with birthday money set of professional brushes?  Disappeared.  Visions of the reincarnated Tammy Faye Baker roaming the streets of Philadelphia wearing all of my favorite colors, scents, and conditioners.  I was crushed.

Then on our way home from the uplifting Dr. Veitia appointment we got the phone call that Frank had just delivered our missing bag!  He wrapped it lovingly in a garbage bag, then under risk of a busy body neighbor calling the police on him, he wandered around the outside of our house, looking for a dry enough spot to place the bag in case we weren’t home until later during the deluge of rain we have here.  And there it was when we got back, carefully placed on the picnic table out back, under the canopy of the girl’s elevated fort.

Makeup crisis averted.  Rest easy, NJ, the hideousness that is me without my Lancome products has been transformed.  I have gone from Oh My Gosh What Is That? back to my normal She Cleans Up Okay.  My faith in US Airways and Disney’s Magical Express has been restored.

There is only one thing that could make this day better.  But I’d have to invest a buck to win the lottery.  I’m not pushing my luck today.

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