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I’m going to nursing school, I just don’t know where

You know when you ponder things for a really long time, and then other stuff happens, life takes over, and the thing you’ve been debating over for forever gets pushed to the back burner?  And then you finally have time to sit down and make your decision, and the thing you wanted may not be as attainable as it would have been had you kept it in the front of your list of priorities?

Well, I’m finding this frustration with nursing school.

There is a nursing shortage, but there is also a money shortage.  Nursing programs all over the United States are having to cut back on the number of people they are admitting for a variety of reasons – they don’t have hospitals that have enough stuff to supervise clinical hours for students.  They don’t have instructors to teach the classes.  Programs are being eliminated due to funding and other issues.  That means that in some schools, there is a two year waiting list to get into the nursing program.  Or there is no waiting list, but your application will be one of four or more for every open spot they have.  Getting a seat in some of these programs is going to be like hitting the lottery!

I am also finding that even though I’ve taken courses and gotten As in them, most of them are too old.  I’m having to repeat classes that I already took.

And I am finding that all those math and sciences classes I avoided taking in college because you didn’t need them to get a degree in English are all the classes that I need now – so on top of the nursing program I need to get into, I have to tackle at least two semesters worth of terrifying classes.

I am lucky that even though my DH has retired from work early due to a vision disability, we are able to send me back to school full-time. And I have a full-time free tutor at home with nothing else to do 

But where do I go to school?

I ruled out any programs from non-accredited institutions.

Looking for a 4 year accredited school (college or university) for an BSN program that admits to the Nursing program, even if conditionally, is looking like a needle in the hay stack.

Am I missing something? Is every BSN program only taking transfer students, or students who get admitted to the College or University as -or general studies, and then roll the dice and hope you get accepted to those limited number of slots in 2 years?

Or are the $40k/year programs at Illinois Wesleyan University the only types of programs that do direct admission?

4 Replies to “I’m going to nursing school, I just don’t know where”

  1. One of my friends just went back to school and is doing an intensive program at Jefferson. I believe it is for one year. Do you want me to ask for details? Also, my aunt went to Helene Fuld. Don’t know if that’s an option for you.

    1. I’d love the details!! Thanks so much! And Helene Fuld lost accreditation at Camden County, so it’s not an option 🙁

  2. Good luck with your new adventure. I wish there was an easy answer for you, but the truth is that all programs are different. The $$ involved in tuition is not a guarantee of a better education, but you may find that you are admitted more quickly, especially if it is a for-profit college, since they have a vested interest in getting and retaining students. RN to BSN programs are growing, since much of the academic work can be completed in online classrooms.

    Not all schools expire old pre-reqs. The school I went to did, and I found myself repeating useless courses. I actually took an online class on how to use a computer – I kid you not. The school one county over doesn’t care when you took a class, as long as it is on the transcript. In other words, consistency is sorely lacking.

    Good luck… nursing school is quite an endeavor, but well worth it. You don’t like sleep anyway, right?

    1. Sleep is seriously over rated – once you live through babies, any more than two hours a night is a waste!

      I believe you on the computer thing – guess what I just had to add? Basic computers 🙁 Fortunately, it’s offered online in a 7 week session, so I’m banging it out starting in two weeks. I also have to repeat my psych class – which I knocked out of the park back in the day. With three kids, a husband, and a house to run, I would venture to guess I’ll see too much of myself listed among the mental illnesses and not fare quite as well 🙁

      Thanks for the comment!!

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