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Just What Does My Husband Think of Me?

See if you can figure it out.

He sent me the link for this video today.  He said he thought it was something I’d like.

Does he think I’m on acid?  Incapable of learning more than 8 words of song lyrics?  Attracted to elderly men with too much facial hair, in need of a haircut?

Whatever it is he thinks, I gotta admit, there might have been some toe tapping going on over here.  Shhhh – don’t tell.

3 Replies to “Just What Does My Husband Think of Me?”

  1. ducks – youd Dad; 60’s – that drug band from England you like; catchy tunes – your current Glee mode; kids song – your kids

    Or it could be that the squirrels were making out with the chipmunks in the video.

    Could be lots of things.

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