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Family holiday portraits

Skamarakas and Zemitis 1920's family gathering 2nd and Fernon South Philly Philadelphia, PA

The Skamarakas Family

Speaking of family portraits – now is the time to get them lined up.  I always hate having them taken, but I love having them to look back on through the years.

Make sure you clearly mark them in some way so you’ll always know who’s in them!  I have no idea who is in the above photo, except that one of the children is Jim’s father.

This year gather up the kids, grandparents and Cousin Zeek and get a holiday family portrait taken. You will remember the love long after you forget the frustration

Skamarakas Family portrait December 2002

Its Jim’s idea whenever you see us all dressed alike.

Skamarakas family portrait 2008

I had obviously lost weight to allow not only my photo to be taken at all, but to be taken wearing white!!

2010 Pumpkin massacre

Yep, he managed to get me to drive him to the garden center and pick up a few last minute pumpkins.

And it turned into a shoot out at a bank. He wanted to find little white satchet bags and write giant black $$’s on them, but didn’t find them. And luckily for me, he didn’t find a bolt of white canvas either.

The comments from our trick or treaters? Awesome. They loved them all.

This is our gangster pumpkin.  You can tell by the bad skin and bad teeth.  Oh, and the weapon might be a clue as well.

This was the poor old sod who was the first to meet the bank robber.  It didn’t end well for him.

This would be the bank security guard.  Perhaps had they armed him instead of the bank robber, the whole massacre could have been avoided.

While this other poor victim fared way better than the first, she did so through the pool of tears that formed as the water works streamed down her face.  Oh what it did to her makeup!

Next year, I am either not giving him any pumpkins, or I am spending the months of September and October reading him fairy tales.  Maybe next year instead of a massacre, we’ll have a happier, more Disney-fied theme on our front walk.

Cruise portrait

On our British Isles cruise we had the chance to take a family portrait. To begin with, it’s so rare that we are all together, let alone together at the same time, showered at the same time, dressed appropriately at the same time – you see where I’m headed with this.

This is something everyone should do at some point. It’s a fabulous reminder of how wonderful family is and how amazing it can be when we are all together.

You won’t get along with everyone, all the time, but this is the group of people you know you can count on when times are tough and you’re having a hard time finding the light at the end of the tunnel.  These are the people who will stand there with flashlights, if need be, to guide you home.