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10 Replies to “Opened up email to see the inf…”

  1. Anna, I bet you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself if you weren’t uber busy!

    1. You’re probably right – but I’d be willing to learn to try! LOL

      Thanks guys, for the encouraging words! I am tackling this stuff head on, saying a few extra prayers, and planning a big arse celebration when it’s all done!

    1. I’m done the first degree in April; and then I’ll have my BSN hopefully by spring 2013 – unless I can some how accelerate that.

        1. Definitely – just a matter now of where I get into a nursing program. Applying to UCF in FL – and then a couple other odd ball schools – University of Anchorage; University of Hawaii; North Dakota – schools where the competition to get into the nursing program isn’t as stiff!

          1. LOL…North Dakota….COLD…and Anchorage…..Hawaii not bad at all just very expensive….got to come to FL…cannot be to far from DW.

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