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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-03

  • There are always too many Democratic congressmen, too many Republican congressmen, and never enough U.S. congressmen. ~Author Unknown #
  • Let the holiday season begin! #Starbucksredcup http://twitpic.com/337rjn #
  • RT HeyJPK: RT @OMGFacts: The code "A113" has appeared in nearly EVERY Pixar film. Details + pic –> http://bit.ly/c271Sl. #
  • Did bullying lead Demi Lovato to cutting and an eating disorder? I am truly sad for her. #
  • Left Dr with HgA1c in nondiabetic range; on hwy with 3 trucks – Edy's ice cream, Dunkin' Donuts, Herr's chips. Mixed msg or torturous irony? #
  • @Luvcobra I was diabetic until my weight loss surgery – sugars in normal range for 4 years, but temptation is off the charts LOL! in reply to Luvcobra #
  • Looking forward to reading! RT @MomsPanelErin: Check me out on @disneyfoodblog I'm so proud to be part of the family! http://ow.ly/32YgT #
  • Starbucks before volunteering at Broadway kids this afternoon http://yfrog.com/07k4dkj #
  • Hugs and prayers to my friends Amy and Hans @lumpling and @hanscooks – hope everything goes perfectly and you're home soon! #
  • If I haven't sent you an email with the Christmas Party invitation, it's because I don't have your email or you bounced! Send me a DM!! #