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The End of Daylight Savings Time 2010

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks BACK when you go to bed Saturday night.  You don’t want to be late for the sermon on Sunday morning.  When else will Dad get that mid-morning nap in?  He’ll be a bear all day!

And the most important thing about the end of Daylight Savings Time? Remember to change the batteries and test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. You never know when some crazy woman will allow her legally blind husband to try to make a frozen pizza, and he’ll set the oven on fire.  Make sure those smoke detectors are in working order!

Mickey Mouse firefighter daylight savings time 2010

Now is also a good time to go over a family emergency evacuation plan with everyone, especially the kids. Make sure everyone knows how to call 911 or your local emergency number, and don’t forget to have a spot outside where everyone is to meet in case you have to evacuate your home!

And enjoy that extra hour of sleep!  I know I will – if I’m not doing Algebra homework!