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McRib Gastric Bypass Review

I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t you NEED gastric bypass surgery compliments of a few too many McRib sandwiches?

This isn’t going to be a “Forget it!  It’s bad for you” review.  Actually, according to McDonald’s nutritional facts, the McRib has less calories than a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with cheese.  It has nearly 300 less calories than the Angus Bacon cheeseburger.  It even has less calories than some of their breakfast sandwiches.

McRib is back and here is gastric bypass review
There are 22 grams of protein in the sandwich, and it is quite easy to eat off of the bun.

So when compared to say a McDonald’s Southwest Ranch chicken salad, the McRib has about the same number of calories, more protein, and is way easier to eat.

I’m not telling you to have one for every meal.  But if you’re out with your family and want to grab a quick dinner somewhere, this isn’t your worst choice.  Just skip the fries.  And the soda.  You shouldn’t be drinking it anyway.

Thanks, Jim, for spiffing up this underwear ad. I know it took a lot out of you.

2 Replies to “McRib Gastric Bypass Review”

  1. I’m glad you wrote this! I think more people should get into the habit of reading the nutrition info on food rather than just assuming they know what’s in it. I know that fast food is not the best choice, but sometimes you have to grab, so I always look up the restaurants online to find what on the menu is “not as bad” to order, or not so bad if you leave off the mayo or whatever. Sometimes it’s surprising! For example, at Qdoba (similar to Chipotle), you might think that chicken is the obvious best choice, but it turns out the leanest meats on the menu are the pork and the steak.

    1. I always order the wraps when I go to McD’s, but when I saw that for just a few calories more I could have the McRib sandwich, I was shocked! I was even more shocked when I found out the Angus wrap with bacon had fewer calories than the Angus wrap with mushrooms! Who knew? Trade mushrooms for bacon and save a few calories? I’m all in!

      You have to rely once in a while on fast food – it’s almost unavoidable in this day and age. But when they put this stuff out there that you think is good for you (the salads), and then you find out that for 1/3 of the cost and the same calories you can have BBQ rib (or a reasonable facsimile), it knocks you on your butt!

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