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Project Runway Season 9 – Will You Watch or Won’t You?

He wuz robbed 🙁

And I’m sorry to be posting this more than a week after the finale, but it was just too hard to wrap my head around the fact that Gretchen won.

I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I was when Mondo Guerra, the odds on favorite to win this thing at Fashion Week, lost his bid to become the next big hit on the runway.  Not only was I sad for Mondo – who was not my early favorite, but I was sad for the show.

I have sat through season after season, retching over designs I thought resembled clown costumes.  I’ve seen outrageous outfits parade down that runway to the ooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs of the discriminating judges panel.  I saw Christian Siriano take the whole damn thing the year he was working on his collection – were his fashions “sellable”?  Wearable?

Mondo was more “fashion forward”, and while you probably don’t see things like that every day down at the WalMart, his designs certainly had a wearable factor to them.  They were young, they were hip, they were trendy.

Gretchen’s clothes were played, dated, old fashioned, dull.

And she was a bitch.  She criticized every designer.  She blatantly mocked Michael Costello.  She had a dour look on her face for the entire season.

And she walked away the winner.

I just don’t know what the judges are looking for, and I think this season in particular they seemed inconsistent in their criticisms.  Mondo shined.  He was bold, he took chances, he played with color, but used black and white.  He was everything they seemed to look for in every other season.

I agree with Tim Gunn.  There had to be a crack pipe hidden somewhere near the judges.

Will I watch Project Runway Season 9?  I can’t wait.

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