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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-12

  • At HS for transcripts ask DH to see my HS. DH: "Saw it when I came here & beat your chess team" #geekhusbands #
  • This is the last sleep before a weekend with the Beauty Girls (my daughters!!) at Disney World! Little shopping, little eating, lots of fun! #
  • @PackerKay Thanks Kay! It's gonna be great! #
  • @Teronya OMG I am there until Tuesday AM – we have to find time to say hey! #
  • @zannaland You are?? Oh my gosh!! Are you on official bloggy type business or have you got free time? Let's go meet Tron! #
  • @Teronya WE'RE AT SSR!!! Yay!! #
  • @zannaland @Teronya We are so getting together! I'm excited! #
  • @floridamingo @zannaland @Teronya Sunday is a bit easier, but I have some flexibility – Tron won't be in 'til Sunday – maybe a lounge meet? #