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10 reasons to never shop at PathMark

That might sound a bit harsh, because after all, who or what is Pathmark, and why will I never shop there?

1 – PathMark is a local supermarket chain, that has very few stores left in my area. Its not convenient.  For anyone.

2 – The stores in my area are old and they look old.  Not Joan Rivers old, old like they haven’t had any work done old.

3 – The stores inside just aren’t appealing to the eye – in a “this is a bad neighborhood, don’t stop the car” sort of way.

4 – The aisles are those old style, tightly packed aisles where two carts can’t pass each other without risking bodily contact.

5 – The prices are high on almost everything.  Well, almost everything I buy, anyway.

6 – We drink sugar free iced tea (my apologies to my southern sisters and brothers, who are probably now trying to erase my blog from their “history”), which we get in a mix.  The Cherry Hill, NJ PathMark was $1.50 a can higher then Wegman’s around the corner.  I know this technically counts as the same reason as number 5, but it was so outrageous, I had to give it it’s own number.

7 – We only came here because they had an offering going on for a free thanksgiving turkey. By the time we overspent on all the items to spend $300 for the free turkey, we could have bought the turkey just in the amount we overspent on our normal groceries.  Yeah, this is kinda the same reason as number 5, too.  But the prices here really ticked me off.

8 – We bought pretzels last Friday. Bag #1 opened on Saturday was stale. Bag #2 opened on Monday was also stale.  Please recall reason 1 for not going to Pathmark – it’s not convenient.  Not even to return over priced, stale pretzels.

9 – Bathroom is inside the warehouse and looks like an industrial restroom for employees covered in grease.  Even our WalMart has a cleaner restroom.

10 – They don’t give away free turkeys all year long.  And since that was the only reason to shop at Pathmark in the first place, that eliminates the only good reason to shop there at all.

Now on a side note, the coupon for the free turkey was good on up to 20 pounds of turkey. They had no larger turkeys out, and Jim asked at the meat counter if larger turkeys were available.  They did wheel out a pallet of turkeys in boxes and handed him a 20+ pound turkey.  And on our 2 visits to spend $300 the cashiers were friendly.  Well, at least one was.

989 Church Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002-1301
(856) 482-5433