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Can You Get Voice Lessons to Only Learn One Song?

It’s that time of year, folks.  Arts Alive is on the horizon at my girls’ school.  This is the school-wide talent show, where kids who are legitimately talented can show off their abilities, and kids that are marginally or lacking completely in talent can show off their lip-syncing abilities and their made up hip hop moves.

Then there is my kid.  I think my kid is phenomenally talented in many areas.  She has performed three times in Arts Alive – once as part of a group of six kids doing a sort of version of an Irish jig – and it was cute, because they were little.  Then she performed a magic act, which I hear was wildly popular.  I, unfortunately, missed that performance due to other obligations.  Last year, she made up a dance and danced with a friend to the Numa Numa song that went viral a few years back thanks to You Tube.

Now she wants to sing.

Mind you, the kid does not have the worst voice, but I am not one of those American Idol moms who will stand outside, waiting to see if my kid wins the golden ticket to Hollywood.  I am more likely the mom who will say, “Yo, dawg, lissen up, you were pitchy and it just dinnit work for me, man.”

But she really wants to sing – a really difficult song, and I have to give her credit, because she’s doing a darn good job at it, even though it’s hard.

I’d just like to help her to be better.

But she doesn’t want to be a professional singer.  She just wants to sing one song.

What’s a mom to do?

And where’s Simon when I need him?

3 Replies to “Can You Get Voice Lessons to Only Learn One Song?”

  1. Actually, I think a vocal coach would be happy to help her with the one song. People do it all of the time for pageants or auditions. As long as the vocal instructor has room in his/her schedule, I think they would willingly take any extra source of income they could get.

  2. I hadn’t thought about people doing it for pageants and stuff – thanks, Diane! I am so looking into this!

    On a side note, she’s trying to rope Granuaile into making this a duet, but she seems to be giving her all the “L” words – which Granuaile can’t say. So Granuaile’s lines go something like this:

    Too wate for second-guessing
    Too wate to go back to sweep
    It’s time to trust my instincts
    Cwose my eyes and weeeeep!

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