Tron Legacy Movie Review – Thoughts from an Un-Geek

Let me go on record now as admitting that I did not see Tron.  I did, however, see this guy, which was quite scary, so you should all be super happy that I was able to overcome the trauma and see Tron Legacy.

I also want to add that there are limitations to my review when it comes to this type of movie.  It’s not my thing.  Jim, however, was beyond thrilled to have a chance to see the movie; and Eilis, who had said she wasn’t sure she wanted to go at all when she thought we were seeing Narnia, was nearly as excited as her father.

Let’s start with the fact that they do a fair explanation of the background story, for those of us that opted to spend our Friday nights back in 1982 going to see Cyndi Lauper in concert.  I felt like I was fairly caught up when the new storyline kicked in.

But then it all became just a little bit too familiar.  As Kevin Flynn was standing there, I kept saying to myself “What’s familiar about him?”  Then it dawned on me that his clothes came from the Jedi Goodwill Store.

The whole film felt “borrowed” to me.  I saw glimpses of The Matrix, Star Wars, and maybe even a little Harry Potter.  And the storyline felt old, like I had seen that somewhere else, too.

The best thing about the movie is the soundtrack, but once Granuaile fell asleep, it was more of a distraction than an enjoyment.

And your review from a certified Geek?  Jim declared this a movie he would definitely not pay to go see 🙁

On the plus side, we got a cool poster and Dove chocolate samples.  The whole evening wasn’t a bust!

Attending TRON Legacy preview tonight

Special Disney excitement tonight for the family – we will be attending the TRON Legacy premier tonight. Our passes just got dropped off at the house. The girls, who don’t know about this will be very excited. Unfortunately for Jim, its the 3D version. But he is a good sport about it, as long as we let him hold the tub of popcorn. Full review later!

I was expecting to do a review of Narnia this week, which Eilis was not excited about. Early dinner to make sure we get good seats and plenty of room for popcorn.