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A Very Disney Valentine’s Day

You know I love a dose of Mickey Mouse, wherever I can get it!  We ran into Walmart today to pick up ONE thing (famous last words), and while browsing the Valentine aisles (which, by the way, were nowhere near where that ONE thing would be), I came across a few things that will make this a Mickey filled Valentine’s day for you and your sweetie!

First were these adorable swirl lollipops.  They came in flavors like watermelon and strawberry (check the labels when you buy, because they are all the same color), but the tops were just too cute to pass up!  As cute as I thought Minnie was, the Mickey with the flowers behind his back were just so sweet.

Okay, so my photography skills could stand improvement, but without the red ribbon in front of this one, it’s kinda cute.  The bottom is two pink hearts, and the Mickey head, made from some squishy, gummy type candy, is dipped in a chocolatey type substance.

Now that I see this out of the context of the G rated store, it could be a little obscene looking.  You might not want to send these in to the class – especially if the class is filled with Tweens, prone to hysterical outbreaks when something is misconstrued.  Okay, these were way cuter and way less pervert looking in the store – but hey, it’s Mickey Mouse!

I thought these were so, so cute!  These are individual sized boxes of wrapped candy hearts.  The boxes are about the size you might give in school or maybe just to your kids (do you give your kids Valentines?), and they feature Mickey and Minnie prominently on the front.  I loved these, and if they had been a little less expensive, I thought about getting them for my students.  Instead, I got these:

The ONLY character Valentine’s they had out yet at Walmart were these, and I snapped them up for my class.  They are Mickey chocolate (colored red) lollipops that you can put into the accompanying Valentine cards.  The cards themselves were kind of old fashioned looking, and I thought the kids would like the candy.

There you go – you don’t have to go all the way to Disney World to find Disney treats for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!