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30 in 90, So Help Me God

Here it is, fabulous readers – the word I hate to talk about.

It’s the one four letter word I actually don’t use (all the others are fair game).

But, I’ve gotten out of control.  And with my newly tucked tummy, I want to get the rest of me back on the band wagon.   The plan at the moment is to try to lose 30 pounds in 90 days.  Realistic?  Maybe.  It’s going to be a struggle, but I think when I stop and recognize all the junk that has creeped its way back into my daily eating, it will be a big step just to leave the crap out.

Stay with me as I go through the diet grumpiness and the exercise soreness (oh, Jesus, did I just commit to exercise?).  If I don’t have you guys motivating me on and keeping  a watchful eye, I’m not sure I can do it!

4 Replies to “30 in 90, So Help Me God”

  1. I’ll jump on this wagon with you! I’ve totally been out of control, and as of tomorrow I’m changing my life (I prefer NOT to call it dieting). Sadly, 30 pounds is still less than I need to lose to reach a goal weight, BUT it would help motivate me tremendously!

    1. I’m so glad to have folks on the bandwagon with me – we’re more likely to keep each other from jumping off! Good luck – and post with me so I know how you’re doing!!

  2. Anna, I am with you on this all the way. I started my journey on January 6 with Weight Watchers on their Points Plus and I was terrified of jumping on the scale at first but I knew what I weighed. I could tell by how my underwear fit or rather did not.
    So there I went and I can honestly say that it is not bad since they assigned all these zero points to fruits and veggies, even bananas. And you know what? It is working for me. I am one pound shy of ten in the loss department and I feel alright. Now I have to watch it because I have to get up off my behind and start moving,otherwise I will lose slowly, very slowly.
    And, I divorced Starbucks and saved over a hundred bucks now and all those blessed calories.
    Thirty pounds is my goal, but by the summer.
    I need someone to track my weight and I need the group support.
    So, good luck on your journey and I would love to swap moral support.

    Happy and easy beginnings Anna xo

    1. Congratulations, Jackie! You’re off to a great start!! I too am in a toxic relationship with Starbucks, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to end it just yet. I do skinny, but it’s still more than 100 and some odd calories for my morning latte. I should switch that to something more substantial, but it’s a hard habit to break!

      I’m hoping that by making myself accountable here, I can stick with it. WW for me was a good and bad thing. I could certainly stay within my points, but found myself skipping meals so I could treat myself to something at the end of the day – like two or three ice cream sandwiches! Oh honey, I was working those points 😉

      Good luck, stick with it, and I know by summer, you and I will be rocking the new summer bod 😉

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