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To My New Good Friend and Gentle Reader, Carrie!

My new friend Carrie took the time to post a comment on one of my Blog Posts (find the original post https://www.beautygirlsmom.com/2010/06/14/i-took-the-easy-way-out-gastric-bypass-surgery-bitching/ ).  I’m taking the time to answer her!

Dear Carrie:

Unless you’ve had the opportunity to know me and my reasons for having Gastric Bypass Surgery, I wish to politely invite you to shut the hell up (whew, I avoided the “f” word this time – quite a feat considering I have absolutely NO self control, as evidenced by my need for gastric bypass surgery).  I don’t believe I was bitching about my surgery at all – I was bitching about the ignorant woman at the airport who sat in a seat eating doughnuts and drinking soda, all the while talking about her phenomenal weight loss through diet and exercise.  Because I recognize that gastric bypass surgery was my choice, I don’t bitch about the procedure.  I may have complained now and again about the things I experience as a result of this choice, but I never bitch about the choice itself.

And Dear Carrie, if you bothered to get to know me, you’ll know that I have had gym memberships.  I’ve been at least partially responsible for our local gym owner having the ability to send his daughter to private preparatory schools.  While that may make me a martyr of some kind, I don’t proclaim to be a martyr, neither for being such a generous contributor to a child’s education, nor for my gastric bypass surgery.

I’ve had the common sense to put my fork down; and I’ve had the common sense not to put my fork through ignorant people who think that we all have the ability to make a few lifestyle changes and be on the road to skinny.  Jaysus, I’m showing an awful lot of self control for someone who couldn’t stop eating!

You suggest a lifestyle change for people who have weight loss difficulty.  I made one.  It certainly wasn’t a lazy route.  Jenny and I are on a first name basis.  The Fresh Diet failed me until I was fresh out of money to pay for the pricey service.  Weight Watchers watched my ass get bigger every time I went to the meetings, after a week of eating their recommended amount of food.  So you see, Dear Carrie, I’ve exhausted every carefully constructed weight loss method before making the lifestyle change that led to my surgery.  Please note the use of the word “exhausted” – because that’s not something lazy people get very often.

We don’t all have the ability to follow the food pyramid, the USDA recommended dietary intake, and expect to be average sized people.  If you had bothered to get to know me before accusing me of being lazy, you’d know that I suffer from PCOS, a disorder of the endocrine system, making it difficult for me to lose weight.  Not that I’m using that as a crutch to stuff my face full of Twinkies, but it is a fact of my biology that weight loss is not as easy as giving up cookies and cake.  And I would guess that there are other people out there who have turned to Gastric Bypass Surgery who have similar metabolic disorders or thyroid conditions that make losing weight The Dear Carrie Way less than ideal.

And let’s give credit where credit is due.  Lots of us got fat because we ate too damn much.  But whether it’s stress; depression; a coping mechanism – for some of us, food means comfort.  It’s an addiction, like alcohol, tobacco, cocaine.  There is a euphoric high after you eat a slice of cheesecake, and a terrible guilt as a fat person when you do.  To regain the feeling, you eat another; and another; and another, until, ultimately, you’ve eaten the whole damn cake, you feel badly about yourself, and you fear judgement from people like Dear Carrie.  That sets up the whole cycle all over again – you eat to feel good, you feel badly when you do, so you eat more to feel good.

So tell me, Dear Carrie, if my therapist and yours went head to head in a psychological Top Chef of sorts, which one of us ends up with the more normal patient?  Mine at least knows my issues.  Does yours know how angry you are at fat people?  You might want to bring it up at your next session.

One Reply to “To My New Good Friend and Gentle Reader, Carrie!”

  1. My own “two cents” to “CARRIE”:

    I am a friend of Anna’s, a fellow WDWMP, an Exercise Physiologist/former AFAA certified Personal Trainer, a fellow sufferer of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome),and a recent Gastric Bypass Surgery “success story”. I feel that I must speak up here, and ask that next time, before you “voice your opinion”, you educate yourself first.

    GBS is not an “easy way out”. For some, it is the “only way out” of the cycle of PCOS and everything that goes along with it: insulin resistance, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, perimenopausal symptoms, early onset diabetes, and in numerous cases, fertility problems. In my case, once I was finally able to get pregnant, I had the lovely experience of going through Hyperemesis Gravidarum, both times. If you don’t know what THAT is, then I suggest you Google it.

    Anna has my utmost respect. Not only did she make one of the most difficult decisions a person could ever make, she also did the HARD WORK that goes along with it to be successful with it. AND, even more amazingly, she has had the COURAGE to be OPEN and HONEST and SHARE her extremely personal and difficult story with anyone who cares to follow along in her journey through this amazing blog. Her story is no doubt an inspiration to MANY others, and I applaud her (insert standing ovation HERE!)!

    You know, I would just say that Anna deserves your compassion, as do ALL people who are suffering from illness, addiction, or ANY problem. I am sure that you have your own problems, and I know that Anna and I would wish you nothing but the best in regards to overcoming whatever they may be. But you know…Anna actually deserves much more than your respect. She deserves your compassion. She deserves your support. She deserves YOUR APPLAUSE! She made a decision. She took control. And she OVERCAME!

    For everyone out there suffering through the prejudice and lack of education and awareness of the masses out there who have no clue, please know that there is HOPE, and that ALL that really matters is YOU – YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE! It really does NOT matter what some uneducated person with only an opinion and no compassion thinks or says. YOU matter! YOU have choices.

    I am in no way saying that gastric bypass surgery is the right choice for everyone. However, I am saying that is the right choice for some, and that there should be no judgment passed for those who have chosen to take a very difficult, even controversial, path to wellness.

    Thank you, Anna, for letting me post my “two cents”. Love & Kudos to you!!!
    Tron 🙂

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