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So How’s That Weight Loss Thing Going?

Yeah, well, ppffffttttt.  That’s how it’s going.

After a great first week, the second week, things slowed down to nothing.  And then there’s this week.  Monday was Valentine’s Day, and Jim took me out to lunch, and the kids out to dinner – except, yeah, I went too.  And when you take kids out to eat, you take them to restaurants where you know kids will eat – not those fancy gourmet restaurants that give you just enough food to make you want to stop at Burger King on the way home.  My kids chose the Chinese buffet.

Fortunately for me, Chinese food generally makes me deathly ill, but I can eat my weight in the little sugar coated nuts they have at the buffet.  And as we know, my weight is substantial.  That’s a lot of nuts.

Then came Tuesday, a day where I did nothing but run errands all day.  And it was Eilis’ birthday!  So after we picked up three dozen heart shaped doughnuts for her to celebrate at school, we followed that up with taking Eilis out to dinner Tuesday night.  Yeah, Granuaile and I went too.  And Eilis picked the restaurant.  Famous Dave’s BBQ.

And with all that fat already on my arse from the first two days of the week, I do what every chunky chick does – I threw in the towel on the rest of the week.  I was stressed over school, over some issues with a friend, over my mom (who is back in the hospital as of this evening), and it just seemed like that last box of chocolate covered peanut butter cookies was screaming to me from the hiding place they were in.

So, I am up 2 pounds this week.

But I haven’t fallen completely on my face.

I am back on the bandwagon tomorrow.  Rally the troops, call in reinforcements!  I’ve got to just keep swimming…..

Tough Week on the Friendship-Go-Round

If this post seems a bit cryptic, well, that’s probably because it is.

A lot has happened in the past week that has really been bothering me, and I let the blame for the frustration I felt fall where I thought it rightly deserved to go.

That hasn’t changed.  I still 100% believe that the stuff that happened should not have happened, and I am not going to waiver on how I felt things were handled.

However, that which I was so vocally in support of may be something where I wasn’t seeing the full picture.  I had an opinion that was based only on a small piece of pertinent information.  The problem I have now is that I don’t know if the pieces of information I’ve gathered over the past 12 hours are accurate enough bits for me to change my opinion.

I think I enjoyed life much better when the biggest decision I had to make was choosing chocolate or vanilla pudding for my lunch box.

When did things become so complicated?