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Bounce U Birthday Palooza

Yesterday, my baby turned six.  There’s something in turning six that makes me a bit weepy – it’s sort of like the 30 of childhood.  When I think “five”, I think preschool/kindergarten, baby.  When I think “six”, it sounds more like real school, growing up, and all the other things moms dread about their babies growing up.  It’s a big number for me.

To celebrate, we let Granuaile choose her birthday party.  For a while, it had been that she wanted a party exactly like the last birthday party she had been to – whether it was a gymnastics party, a pottery party, or a karate party, if she had recently been to it, that’s the type of party she wanted.  Then she seemed to settle on Bounce U.  Even after going to subsequent birthday parties, the party she went to at Bounce U remained her favorite, so we settled on that for her party.

The day we went to book the party, the place was a mad house.  It was mobbed, kids running and screaming all over, parents wondering why on the list of beverages they offer they don’t add things like “tequila”, “vodka”, and “rum punch”. We asked about times available for Granuaile, and we were given a choice of four different times.  Because she wanted “cosmic bounce” – meaning the lights are off and they have glowy, cosmicy things – we thought a night time party would work better – plus, it would wear the kids out so they’d go home to bed.  Fabulous idea.

The party was a big success.  Granuaile had a blast, we had only one minor injury – and he bounced back very quickly, and even some of the moms took a ride on the big slide!

Here’s the party recap in pictures: