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Our New Bundle of Joy (?)

Some days, I do believe I have taken leave of my senses.  But with Granuaile finishing kindergarten; Eilis quickly approaching middle school; and Brighid finding her own way in the world, I did what most sensible Moms do.  I asked for a puppy.

We found out four years ago that Granuaile had dog allergies.  She broke out in horrible eczema; got itchy, watery eyes; and sneezed.  It required us to get rid of a lot of things in the house before finally turning an accusing eye to our Irish Wolfhound, Roisin Dubh (Rosie).  Granuaile’s allergies diminished as soon as we found a new home for Rosie, so the possibility of having a dog in the house seemed remote.

Until we met the Havanese.  We tested a variety of dog breeds, and the Havanese is the one that Granuaile had absolutely no reaction to.  And they’re darn cute.

So, meet our puppy – an 8 week old Chocolate Havanese named Harper Vee Marti Skamarakas.

5 Replies to “Our New Bundle of Joy (?)”

  1. She’s adorable! So tiny! My little one looks giant in comparison to her. Did the breeder give you an indication of how big she’ll be? And, most importantly, how are your little one’s allergies?

  2. She’s probably going to be in the ten pound range – which is so hard to believe at the moment! She’s feather light! Granuaile has had not one sneeze, no scratching, and no itchy eyes – it’s amazing. She’s so cute! The kids are totally in love.

    1. She has the sweetest disposition, too! And she bounces when she gets excited – it will always remind me of you and your “rabbit@carrot….” addy!

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