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Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic – oh, and Anatomy and Physiology

I’ve done my best to blog like a madwomen these past couple of days because I have a dreadful feeling, my blog is about to go dark for a few weeks.

When I decided to go back to school, I focused on the important things – what cute book bags there are out there!  I don’t have to cook dinner if I take night classes!  I don’t have to do laundry if I take day classes!

Who knew there’d be all this studying and crap to do?  They want me to write papers, turn in assignments, and – GULP – study!  The nerve!

As I prepare for my summer classes – Anatomy and Physiology I and II AND (as if that wasn’t enough torture on myself) World Civilizations.  Oh yes.  The fun never ends in this house.

Summer vacation? HAH! Who needs fun in the sun and relaxation when you can be learning the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, and the brain bone is disconnected when you have children?

So in case I don’t make it back, please disregard the email requests for urgent cash sent to Rome, where I’ve been hustled by Gypsy children, lost my passport and can’t get the Embassy to help me.  I won’t be in Rome.  If you get an email asking you to donate money for my kidney transplant, because I was left in a bathtub filled with ice after having a drink spiked at the Kool-Aid bar, just ignore it.  My kidneys are intact and still enclosed within my body, which will be in school.  All summer.

I’ll miss you guys.  I’ll get here whenever I can!

Just Another Magnetic Monday

Thanks for the memories.

That was my alternate title for this blog, because I am a Magnet Mom.  My refrigerator and freezer are crammed full with the magnets my kids learned their alphabet with, magnets from places we’ve been, magnetic picture frames that hold photos of my girls special moments and the photos of families and friends, and magnets that hold the best tests, art work, and notes from my girls.

In my excitement over getting new appliances, it never actually occurred to me what I would be losing.  We did all the appropriate research, and found appliances that were going to work well with our lifestyle and suit our needs.  But I forgot that magnets ARE a need.  I wanted an ice maker, French doors, no can holder that would be wasted space for our family of bottle users.  No where on my list of “wants” was there “Must be capable of allowing magnets to stick”.

So, we ended up with a brand new, stainless steel, Electrolux, French Door refrigerator that has all the bells, whistles, and lack of a can holder that we were looking for.  And it won’t allow magnets to stick.

While I try to make room on my downstairs freezer for the stories of my life, here is where some of the greatest artists, best spellers, and most photographic children have resided for the past 20 years of this family’s existence.