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Lions and Tigers and Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars – Oh My!

Seriously?  There is nothing else people could get upset about?  Are there no people left in the devastation of Hurricane Irene?  Did we achieve World Peace?  Is our budget balanced and our economy fixed?


Then what the hell, people?  How come your panties are in a bunch over Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars?

Alright – yeah, I can see there are some things that are pissing you off.  Here – I’ll list mine:

1 – When did the show become Dancing With People Who’s Parents Were Stars at Some Point in the 70s? Is Chaz Bono “a star”?  Did I miss something?

2 – Dude is fatter than me!  How is he going to be able to keep up with the professional partner they pair him with?  Is this going to be the first reality show heart attack?

3 – What’s up with the facial hair?  He should be clean shaven for the show – it will make him look more polished and professional.

4 – Please – no more wife beater t-shirts.  I don’t care how adorbs you think you look, Mr. Bono, but it’s not a good look for anyone.  I’m talking to you, Jersey Shore.

Honestly, people, open your narrow minds and let the dude dance in peace.  He’s lived much of his life in a fish bowl, and he’s finally owning it.  If people want to talk, give them something to talk about.  I give him a lot of credit for putting himself out there.  And whatever happened to that old but useful saying about casting the first stone?  Did God step aside and make your bigoted arse judge?

Have fun, Chaz!  I hope you hang in there long past the pretty boys and the people who really think they are celebrities!

One Reply to “Lions and Tigers and Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars – Oh My!”

  1. I know, right? Some people just don’t understand what transgendered people go through, that they may have been born with one gender’s genitalia, but they feel inside like they are the other gender. I think it’s something chemical, chromosomal, whatever, biological at any rate. It’s not a “lifestyle”. Oy.
    One thought I had about him signing on was that maybe he wants to use DWTS as a weight loss tool like Kirstie Alley did. LOL

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