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Everyone Should Have a Jim

I give my husband a lot of flack.  He’s not perfect, and I have an uncanny ability to locate every flaw.  You would think that it would be hard to write a “love letter” about someone who has:

1 – Coined the term “snart” – farting while you sneeze.

2 – Has no trouble purchasing household appliances as gifts for special occasions.

3 – Uses the same drinking glass, unwashed, for weeks on end – putting milk in on top of orange juice remnants, soda on top of milk remnant, frappucino on top of milk remnants – blech.  I may have to stop here to be sick a moment….

4 – Possesses fashion sense that allows him to wear a t-shirt featuring a picture of a toilet paper roll, with the caption “That’s How I Roll”.

But then he does something like this:

And that reminds me that there is rarely a day in my life when he doesn’t make me feel beautiful, special, and loved.  As we approach the 23rd anniversary of our first date (October 9th), I just wanted him to know that while I don’t always show him that I’m aware of the little things, I appreciate them.

I know that if I live to be 100, I’ll never have a day where my hand wasn’t held; my lips weren’t kissed; a smile doesn’t cross my face; and I hear how beautiful I am.  Yeah, and there’s usually a pat on my behind thrown in for good measure.

That’s a pretty darn good deal for someone with self esteem issues!

So before I bitch at him for doing something – or for not doing something – I want him to know that there’s real appreciation behind that bitching.  I love the little things, the special things, and the things that let me know how much I mean to him.

Thank you, LOML.