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Are there any roads in Canada, Eh?

So, in mapping out my cross country trip from Jersey to Seattle for next summer’s Cross Cruiseapalooza, we thought it might be fun to cross another country going out, and our own coming back.  I put us in Niagara Falls our first night, then wanted to map us from Niagara Falls, ACROSS Canada, to Seattle.

It takes me back to the United States.

So I added in a point or two on the map IN CANADA.  It keeps taking me OUT of Canada, back into the United States, and then back into Canada.

When I finally add enough stopping points in Canada that the map gives up and decides to leave me there, it makes my 44 hour trip a 56 hour trip 🙁

I’ve come to the following conclusions –

Canadians don’t drive, and dog sleds take much longer to get everywhere.

We’re not welcome in Canada, and every chance they get, they’re kicking our ugly American asses back across the border.

The moose have taken over the highways and cars are forbidden.

I do not understand the finer points of the mapping software.


I’m going with the Moose.