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Walt Disney World Moms Panel “Rejects”? I Don’t Think So!

It’s that time of year again.  People I know, respect, and love have applied to be members of an elite group of Walt Disney World experts.  We are the pink wearing, park loving, question answering team of Walt Disney World Moms Panel moms.  We don’t work for Walt Disney World (we are independent contractors, with our own opinions that do not necessarily reflect those of WDW), but we were all, at some point in the past four years, chosen by Walt Disney World to answer questions to people who are planning Walt Disney World vacations.


Each year, it seems that I meet more and more people who are anxious to proudly don the bright pink polo that us Moms love to hate.  They ask for my opinion on what it might take for them to join the special forces of the Moms Panel – like what should they say – or not say – when they answer their essays?  Should they go to the Moms Panel meet and greet, dress flamboyantly, wave a banner that flashes in neon lights “Pick Me!!”?  Should they sell their soul, brush up on Disney trivia, or switch teams and start going to Universal Studios?

And this is the day each year that I dread.  As excited as I am for those people I know and love to move on to Round 2, I am so sad for the people I know and love who are not moving on.  I’ve gotten a couple of private messages from people wanting to know why they’re such rejects.  Rejects?  Are you serious?

These are the people I have learned from.  They are the DisBoard members who answer every question with such helpful expertise, you’d think they were Walt Disney World cast members.  They are the bloggers who dedicate considerable time and great effort posting the latest news and special reports from Disney.   They are podcasters that I tune into to make sure I’m on top of my game when it comes to information and advice about Disney. 

Rejects? No.  They are the REASON.  They are the reason there is a Moms’ Panel.  They helped open up the doors on the social media world so that Disney could walk in, step up, and start this awesome panel.

Don’t be disappointed.  Don’t think you did something wrong, wrote something wrong, shook a wrong hand at a meet and greet.  Just know that you spread Disney happiness in a way that the Moms’ Panel aspired to do.  The brand of pixie dust you sprinkle may not be the official, WDW sanctioned variety, but it is no less magical.

I hope we are living up to the legacy you have all established.

Everyone Should Have a Jim

I give my husband a lot of flack.  He’s not perfect, and I have an uncanny ability to locate every flaw.  You would think that it would be hard to write a “love letter” about someone who has:

1 – Coined the term “snart” – farting while you sneeze.

2 – Has no trouble purchasing household appliances as gifts for special occasions.

3 – Uses the same drinking glass, unwashed, for weeks on end – putting milk in on top of orange juice remnants, soda on top of milk remnant, frappucino on top of milk remnants – blech.  I may have to stop here to be sick a moment….

4 – Possesses fashion sense that allows him to wear a t-shirt featuring a picture of a toilet paper roll, with the caption “That’s How I Roll”.

But then he does something like this:

And that reminds me that there is rarely a day in my life when he doesn’t make me feel beautiful, special, and loved.  As we approach the 23rd anniversary of our first date (October 9th), I just wanted him to know that while I don’t always show him that I’m aware of the little things, I appreciate them.

I know that if I live to be 100, I’ll never have a day where my hand wasn’t held; my lips weren’t kissed; a smile doesn’t cross my face; and I hear how beautiful I am.  Yeah, and there’s usually a pat on my behind thrown in for good measure.

That’s a pretty darn good deal for someone with self esteem issues!

So before I bitch at him for doing something – or for not doing something – I want him to know that there’s real appreciation behind that bitching.  I love the little things, the special things, and the things that let me know how much I mean to him.

Thank you, LOML.